Society Sales

April 2017

The Society has been bequeathed various photographic items. So that every member has an equal chance to buy these items this sale site has been set up for Society members only.

So that every member has an equal chance of buying this equipment we will have a series of small sales via our website.

Each sale will offer about six items with a closing date four weeks later.

Society Sale Lots 13 to 18

Lots 1, 4, 6, 9 and 10 are relisted as they received no bids in February or March

Sale ends 30 April 2017

Conditions – NB revised from February rules, please read carefully!

  1. This sale is open to all paid up members of the Stereoscopic Society.
  2. Every member can bid on as many lots as they wish.
  3. A bid can be revised up or down, the last bid received is valued.
  4. The highest bidder will pay the bid submitted providing it is higher than the reserve price – revised rule
  5. If there is a tied bid the earliest bidder wins that lot.
  6. The price shown is a reserve prices.  Bids below these prices will be rejected. Revised rule
  7. There will be four sales offering 6 or 7 lots each time.
  8. Any unsold lots from a previous sale will be on offer during the life of this sale series.
  9. A list of the prices realized will be shown in the next sale.
  10. The lots can be collected at a meeting, or sent by post. The postal cost is in addition to the bid price. Please state if you can collect with your bid.
  11. To bid send an email to giving your name, Stereoscopic Society membership number, lot number and your highest bid. To be received any time before the closing date.
  12. Cheques to be made payable to “The Stereoscopic Society”.


Sales value to date: £720


Lot 13 £10 reserve Holmes Stereo viewer  (2 picts)

This viewer is missing one lens and one card holder wire is broken.


Lot 14   £ 50 reserve Owla stereo camera no 56209 and case (3picts)

F3.5 anastigmat lenses in a shutter speeded 1/10 to 1/200, image size16x21mm.

This camera has a large dent on the top plate, also some of the leather is damaged. I cannot get the shutter or focussing to work.

This camera is for spares or repair.  This is a rare camera, even in damaged state.

The case is scuffed but complete


Lot 15   £50 reserve Wirgin stereo camera and case  (4picts)

Camera and case in cosmetically good condition f3.5 Cassar lens in a pronto shutter speeded 1/25- 1/200, the shutter does not work below 1/25 sec. Image size 21x23mm.


Lot 16   £ 70 reserve Stereograms camera and case (4 picts)

Camera no 4252 with Cassarit lenses in a Prontor SVS shutter, image size 21x23mm.Both camera and case in good cosmetic condition.


Lot 17 £10 reserve Shutter/ lens panel for a Wirgin stereo camera  (2 picts)

F3.5 lens in a pronto shutter, the shutter works


Lot 18 £10 reserve Stereo Graphic viewer (2picts)

This viewer has been well used and needs cleaning, the controls for focussing and lens spacing needs repairing.


Items relisted from February’s and March’s sales. Revised, lower reserve prices

Lot 1 £20 reserve Stereo Realist camera and case (3picts)

F3.5 David white lenses, shutter speeded 1 to 1/150 second. Image size 21×23 mm. Camera works, speeds unchecked, the flap over the lenses is missing, rangefinder hard to use.

The camera is in fair condition. The case is in good condition but needs stitching


Lot 6 £15 reserve Holmes type hand held viewer (1 pict)

This is complete and in good condition. The eyeshade is aluminium with a raised pattern on each side.______________________________________________________________________

Lot 9 £40 reserve Mike fishers Precision Mounting Jig (3picts)

This comprises a mains driven light box with a mounting guide and precision adjustors to accurately align the two stereo chips.

For mounting two 2″x2″ (50x50mm) slide mounts – not Realist / RBT 101mm  style mounts – but it could be adapted.

Buyer beware, not power safety tested

See article in Journal 128.


Lot 10 £25 reserve Iloca “Stereograms” camera no 4333 and case (5 picts)

F2.8 casarit lenses in a Prontor SVS shutter speeded 1 to 1/300 sec.

The image size is 21x23mm. Speeds below 1/25 do not work and the flash socket is missing.

The camera and case are in very good condition, but the case at the bottom front has split and is repaired with tape. There is a simple exposure calculator in the inside top of the case.


February 2017 – Sale ended!

Society Sale Lots 1 to 6

Lot 1 Stereo Realist camera and case – relisted above

Lot 2 White button stereolist Viewer – Sold for £20

Lot 3 Jules Richard F40 stereo camera and case no 4694035 – Sold for £312

Lot 4 Bi lens 35mm viewer – Sold for £15

Lot 5 Robin Hood camera – Sold for £16

Lot 6 Holmes type hand held viewer – relisted above

March 2017 – Sale ended!

Society Sale Lots 7 to 12

Lot 7 Mike Fisher camera rig – Sold for £155

Lot 8  Mike Fisher’s small stereo camera  £131 – Sold for £131

Lot 9 Mike fishers Precision Mounting Jig – relisted above

Lot 10 Iloca “Stereograms” camera no 4333 and case – relisted above

Lot 11 TDC camera  – Sold for £35

Lot 12 Stereax beam splitter and viewer  £36 – Sold for £36