Coventry programme

January 7th 2017: Host: Bob Pryce

A: Warwickshire Then and Now: The Warwickshire County Record Office has over 600 stereo cards of Warwickshire places of interest. We have digitised these stereo pairs and are now realigning them and retouching them for modern uses. Some stereo AV shows using these chiefly 1850s and 60s images, in comparison with present day scenes, will be presented.

B: Projection of Members’ Digital Images: Members may bring a sequence (a maximum of 10 images) on a specific theme. In this instance the theme is “People, Pets, and Domestic Animals” which is one of the categories in our annual competition. You may choose images from any one subject area (People for example) or from any two areas, or all three, even combining them (People with Pets, say) up to a maximum of ten images. NB. This is the last chance to submit your AV Show to Barry Aldous. See details for the February meeting below.

February 4th: Host: Barry Aldous

A: Show and Tell/ Bring and Buy: This is your chance to tell us of any new ideas, new techniques, gadgets you have made, or anything else that may interest or assist us as we pursue our great hobby. In addition there will be an opportunity to sell or buy equipment, books or whatever. Bring along anything you no longer need; it may be just the thing that someone else wants!

B: Audio Visual Presentations: Members are asked to prepare any form of AV show, video or stills with commentary, musical background if desired on any subject of their choice, using software such as Magix,, ProShow or any such programs. Please submit your show (up to ten minutes maximum) to Barry Aldous at or before the January meeting.

March 4th: Host: Geoff Ogram

A: Viewing Stereo Images: We may be familiar with many types of stereoscope but not necessarily aware of new ones, especially for digital images. We shall investigate and discuss the merits of various stereoscopes or viewing methods for stereo images of all types.

B: Projection of Members’ Images: Members are invited to submit digital images (up to ten maximum) on the subject of “Engineering”. Bring along your entries on the day or send them to Geoff Ogram in advance. We shall be judging the entries on the day and awarding a small prize.

NB: This is open to all members of the society, not just the Midlands Group.

April 1st: Host: Francis Heath

A: Astronomy in 3D: Member Colin Hards is particularly interested in astronomy and will be presenting an illustrated talk on the subject with special reference to the use of stereo photography as an aid to studying some of the mysteries of the universe.

B: The Stereoscopic Society’s Annual Competition/Exhibition: – Projection of the entries (slides, digital, and prints) for this year’s exhibition.

NB: Don’t be fooled by the date – the above information is genuine!